An impact told in student success stories for 70 years.

Since 1954, the AICU’s mission has been to make private education accessible to students from all walks of life. It is through the AICU’s advocacy and fundraising that a student’s road to success is streamlined and accessible. 

Our Mission

The AICU is a legislative advocacy and fundraising organization serving future difference-makers with unmet financial needs. The AICU works to cover the gap for students seeking the unique environment and unmatched education that comes with private colleges and universities. Our mission is to consistently make the financial burden of college less of a weight on Arkansas students’ shoulders.

Our Vision

Through donations and advocacy, we acquire funds for our 11 member institutions and distribute the funds equally amongst them in the form of scholarships and funding. As a student-focused organization, everything the AICU does is done with the hope that high-quality private education can be accessible and affordable for those who seek it.

Incredible accomplishments made possible through collaboration and support

Promoting Art & Culture

Enriching young minds, on campus and in the community

By supporting the AICU, you are promoting liberal arts education. Liberal arts education is often the foundation of young artists and difference-makers who come from different cultures and walks of life. The AICU’s fundraising and advocacy efforts ensure that diversity, art, and culture remain a vibrant and integral part of the state of Arkansas.

Their bright future starts with our institutions and donors

Their bright futures start with us. We can help bridge the gap between unmet financial needs. We can supply students with opportunities that will propel them forward into those futures. Through our advocacy and fundraising, we supply institutions with funds that create scholarships and opportunities that will help propel them into those futures.