Harding University

About Harding University

Harding University is a private Christian, liberal arts university located in Searcy, Arkansas. With a commitment to pursuing academic excellence and establishing strong spiritual foundations, the university attracts students representing the world. As the largest of the 11 AICU member institutions, Harding University has almost 7,000 students from all over the world.

Harding University takes on an “educated with global perspective” model to its teachings. Nearly half of all students take advantage of an international experience through Global Missions Experience; spring break missions; or study abroad programs in Australia, Chile, England, France, Greece, Italy, and Zambia.

Searcy, Arkansas

Year Founded

Harding University was recognized in October 2002 as the first Campus of Character by the International Association of Character Cities.

This is the largest institution of AICU’s 11 member institutions.